We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind. In the instance of the supply of a part with a major problem, we reserve the right to supply a replacement part within a reasonable time frame. If a replacement part is not available a refund will be given.

 What constitutes a major problem:

  • Has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the item if they had known about it
  • Is unsafe
  • Is significantly different from the sample or description
  • Doesn’t do what we said it would, or what you asked for and can’t be easily fixed.

If the problem is not major, we will repair the item within a reasonable time. If the item is not able to be repaired in a reasonable time a replacement item will be offered, if a replacement item is not available, a refund will be given.



  • Please keep your proof of purchase. Returns will not be accepted without one.
  • Returns must happen within 14 days of purchase date.
  • Returned parts will incur a 20% restocking charge.
  • Buyers are responsible for freight costs unless arrangement has been made with management.
  • If you return a faulty item a replacement will be given, if no replacement is available a refund will be given. 



Additional Terms, Conditions & Information

By placing an order with South West 4wd Parts Plus directly or via this website you are agreeing to all terms & conditions. Please do not place an order for parts unless you agree with these terms & conditions in their entirety.


All parts are used/secondhand parts unless otherwise specified.

Parts Orders

It is your responsibility to make sure that the part you intend to purchase is suitable for your needs and/or application. If you are unsure please contact us before you make your purchase.

Customer Details

Please ensure that the delivery address, contact phone number and e-mail address you provide to us are correct. Incorrect contact details supplied by you can result in delays in processing your order. South West 4wd Parts Plus accepts no responsibility or liability for parts delivered to an incorrect address where that address was provided by you the customer.


  • Payment can be made by:
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (Visa/ Master card only)
  • Debit Card
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cheque (with ID)
  • Cash

Please use the work order or Invoice number as the reference with all Direct Deposits. Failure to do so may result in a delayed processing of your order. All orders will be held until clear payment has been received.

Postage & Freight

  • Buyers are responsible for all freight costs (including returns) unless prior arrangement has been made.
  • South West 4wd Parts Plus uses third party courier companies to deliver parts to our customers. Whilst we will endeavour to dispatch all ordered parts within a timely manner we cannot guarantee delivery times or accept responsibility for delays as we do not own or operate these courier companies.
  • If goods are damaged in transport the buyer must first try to resolve this with the freight company responsible.


  • Returns will not be accepted after 14 days. Our return policy is repair, replace, refund.
  • Exchanges and returned parts will not be accepted without proof of purchase (invoice, invoice number or EFT receipt).
  • We do not accept returns except where prior agreement has been reached.
  • No credit or returns on electrical components* - Please See below for more information
  • If the anti tamper sticker has been removed or damaged a refund may be refused.



All parts are covered by warranty except parts sold as ‘damaged’,’ defective’, ‘for repair’ or ‘for parts Only’. The length of warranty for items purchased will be specified on the purchase Invoice.

Silver Warranty: 3 months parts only warranty

Gold Warranty: 6 months parts only warranty { Additional fees apply }

Platinum Warranty: 6 months parts & labour warranty { Additional fees apply }

  • In the event that no warranty has been specified the warranty will default to 30 days parts only warranty except parts or assemblies sold as being ‘Damaged’, ‘Defective’, ‘For Repair’ or ‘For Parts Only’ which have no warranty.
  • ‘Damaged’ or ‘Defective’ parts or assemblies sold for the purpose of dismantling, repair or refurbishment are sold as is and are not covered by any warranty and are not returnable.
  • Warranty claims cannot exceed the original purchase price of the item.
  • South West 4wd Parts Plus will not be responsible for any consequential loss or damage, loss of income or downtime because of the defect or failure of the part sold.
  • The decision to repair, replace or refund the purchase cost is the sole decision of South West 4wd Parts Plus.
  • Parts cannot be returned for warranty without South West 4wd Parts Plus prior consent.
    Authorisation is required for all warranty repairs. Repairs carried out without the consent of South West 4wd Parts Plus will void all warranty. Claims for the costs of unauthorised repairs will be rejected.
  • Installation/fitting costs are not covered by warranty.
  • South West 4wd Parts Plus will not recognise any warranty claim where any failure or defect is caused by:-

Insufficient or incorrect oil and/or lubricants

Overheating and or heat tab missing

Misuse, abuse, overloading, accidents or negligence

Failure to carry out proper maintenance

Unauthorised repairs, alterations or dismantling

Improper application or installation

  • All warranty is void if the part is used for, or fitted to a vehicle, used for race, trial or competition use.
  • All warranty is void if the part is used in any manner other than the purpose which the manufacturer intended.

*Electrical items terms and conditions


Most modules, ECU kits, radios and navigation units will only be compatible with your vehicle if the numbers from your vehicles unit match the numbers on ours exactly. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the numbers match. We can provide photographs prior to purchase.


ECU kits, radios and navigation units can also require reprogramming (even when the numbers match up). This means they will need to be installed by an automotive technician who is professionally trained to deal with your make of vehicle - e.g (Toyota vehicles will require a technician professionally trained by Toyota, etc.) If your unsure whether or not one of our second hand items will need reprogramming, please talk to us or a qualified technician prior to purchase.


When buying modules, ECU kits, radios or navigation units, please ensure your vehicles problem has been diagnosed by an expert - and that our unit will be installed by an expert. If the unit we have supplied simply doesnt fix your problem you won't be able to return it - returns will only be accepted if the item is proven to be faulty. If you've been informed that a unit that we've supplied to you is faulty and are requesting a return - you MUST supply us with a copy of an invocice proving that the unit was installed by a competent technician, as well as a copy of the diagnostic scanner print out, otherwise your claim may be denied.

Account Customers:

  • All parts remain the property of South West 4wd Parts Plus until full payment has been received.
  • Our banking details are printed on the bottom of each Invoice.
  • Overdue accounts may result in the customers account being suspended or even cancelled.
  • If a delivery charge is indicated on the Invoice the customer accepts that charge.
  • The customer agrees to pay all expenses, including legal fees, incurred by South West 4wd Parts Plus in the recovery of monies owed by the customer to South West 4wd Parts Plus.


These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.